My New Car Reveal! – 2017 Shelby GT350 Ford Mustang

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No messing around & blocking out the car in the thumbnail, here it is. My brand new 2017 Shelby GT350! I hope you guys didn’t see this one coming! (Although many guessed correctly) The BRZ will surly be missed but I think a 5.2L flat plane crank V8 will help take my mind of it 😉 I got it in Lightning Blue with white over the top stripes. For the short time I’ve spent with it, it’s an absolute beast when you want it to be, and a comfortable cruiser when you don’t. Expect plenty more videos to come with this thing in the very near future! Also, feel free to check me out on Instagram to see some pictures of the GT350! (@exoticars19 & @brandonmeek19) Thanks for watching!
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Matthew Zinicola says:

Congrats! Nice color combo! I've got a '17 Shadow Black, stripe delete. 🙂 For 2017, Grabber and Lightning Blue were dropped, Kona Blue was added.

Nicholas K says:

Good pick, my dad has one and plans on putting a supercharger or twin turbo on it…

gmax876 says:

I want one, I could make the payments but then I won't be able to afford vacations anymore.. what to do, what to do..

Drive 615 says:

congrats my man!

Gelanllelys Montiel says:

What's wrong with your hairline

Renzo Racoma says:

i love gt350

AirsoftTech23 says:

Congrats bro!! Great choice!

Geoffrey Price says:

Sweet!!! Cant wait for the videos to come 🙂

brad kessler says:

dont run anyone over!!!

lol love the car

Rain Santiago says:

You made a right choice going with the Shelby it's cars like this that you know you don't have to mod it to enjoy it everything from the factory is dialed in.

PGTMR2 says:

I bet sunset is a great time to take pictures of that color.

bret fahrenkrug says:

you made me like mustangs again

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