Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Mustang GT

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Well, the wrecked mustang gt is back and ready to get going on this project. Super excited to get this thing back on the road rebuilding.

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Westen Champlin says:

Had a little bit of trouble getting it off the trailer but BOB helped..

tristan odato says:

That boy kicked it into high gear on the lawnmower. I died laughing

Jorden Anderson says:

lol bob wierd

Randy Purtteman says:

No offence, but that's one sick jack!!

portagee dosage says:

If cartoons were real life! … great stuff

Japeth Feltz says:

Does anyone know what brand that f-150 wheel is?

Dakota Shireman says:

Very nice!!

George Mendez says:

What's wrong with the crown Vic? I need a good engine for a 93

jeffrey goss says:

How’s that junkyard cow working out?

Patrick day says:

Make a Compilation of all the funny stuff you say. Ur hilarious

Back in the Game Boyz says:

You Are one funny dude lol love your videos

Tritan Beard says:

OSHA who that?

clay yarosz says:

Do u like fitness, fitness dick in ur mouth

Rogue Ranger says:

LIKED & SUBSCRIBED!! Looking Forward to Seeing More!! Thank You BOB The Builder, and The Grandpa Wheel Actually Looks Good On It!!

Caffeinated Frostbite says:

Once I graduate and get a job I plan on buying, fixing, and selling cars as a side hobby.

christopher jr dougherty says:

Dam that car is not that bad was it salvaged bye the insurance company

Chris Kosar says:

18:18 – That's the sound it makes when I pull out

motown mark says:

cool video i work at the Flat Rock Michigan mustang assembly plant (FRAP) and I install the black plate behind the breaks and wheel shown at 8:10 Good luck trying to unscrew those 6 bolts the torque gun is insanely tight

GGALLIN1776 says:

I see cars in worse shape driving around here daily.
Beds held on with ratchet straps, every window except the cracked windshield made from plastic wrap, wood spoilers.

The Daylighters SSF-VIP says:

We need more videos. Love you guys. Need some merch

Brian Proffitt says:

Are you really gonna leave that wrinkle behind the finder

jonathan terramin says:

I love you videos and I want one of your trucks my truck burnt up in a wild fire last year I have been following you I liked the swap you just did with the ford pick up

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