Review: 2018 Ford Mustang GT 10-Speed – Better in Every Way!

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I review the 2018 Ford Mustang GT with the 10-speed automatic and standard suspension. Huge thanks to Ford for providing the car! What do you think of the refreshed Mustang GT?
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Engineering Explained says:

Wooohooo! It's Mustang Wednesday this week. Doesn't have quite the ring to it. You guys should have seen Matt around this car haha. Every time someone drove by he had his eye on it, every opportunity to drive he was thrilled. That's what it's all about!! Drive what you love. Stoked for you to get your Bullitt!!

Chitwan Sharma says:

Excellent extensive review @matt. The best one I've seen yet. Keep it bud!!

27Zangle says:

These Mustang's are so good that local town folk are actually driving them through the winter months instead of their trucks or beaters – I am in Alaska. That has to say something since these Mustang owners install $1800 winter tires and putting some extra weight in the trunk.

G.Gellért says:

Mustang meeting 2018

R Cabreezy says:

That is one ugly front end. Why do they keep making the headlights smaller and smaller, they look like they belong on a Miata

TigerKitty 2 says:

Too many "um" and "you know."

Henry Wiatkowski says:

Hi Matt do you know if the Bullitt has the option of a spare ?

Crimson Coyote says:

My 18 GT made it a whole 2300 miles before the engine failed and snapped a valve. Lemon! D:

Chris Arnold says:

For the love of god! Can anyone tell me what a hot shoe can do in an '18 with a manual? I'm guessing 12.4 or faster.

NubletPie202 says:


JDMidweSTi says:

2017 wrx sti owner here. Man, these newer/recent mustangs look amazing! Wouldnt mind owning one.

Kamal Lenovo says:

And it has amazing Chinese transmission. Shitty AF.

Garth Clark says:

A demo in Quiet mode would have been something to share too. Just for comparison. Camera on the dash cluster while going through the gears too

radsky says:

Under 4 sec in a Stock Ford GT, Got to Like that.

Abel S550 GT says:

Come on Matt!!! Of course that the new Mustang needs an aftermarket exhaust the new Ford Performance exhausts or Corsa make it sound so much better!!! The stock exhaust sounds a lot better than the 15-17 but with a FRPP or Corsa that new coyote sounds like it really should!!!!

The Hash Slinging Slasher says:

Was doug demero not invited?

PatrickG says:

Dude, cut back on the caffeine. You're talking at warp 7. You can slow down some and people will actually understand you.

Delta Man says:

……….yeah, we've got some of these around here, nice looking car but do you really need to have the ability to control the loudness of the exhaust system? These can get a little too loud and quite frankly for guys that need to validate their masculinity to offset their small d–k size.

Stang Media says:

Nice review! Love my 2018 10 speed!

sdlausen says:

That into music needs to REALLY go.

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