Secret Kingdom : Upper Mustang trek in Nepal.

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Trek organised by , Trekking in Nepal differs with scenic perspective like green hills till 4000 meters, brown hills or lets say dessert till 5000 meters to White snow above 5000 meters. Upper mustang trek in Nepal does offer dessert scenery and Tibetan cultural heritage. Many people call it as a lost kingdom, forbidden kingdom, hidden kingdom and so on. This is definitely the unique place to visit which brings back to memory of medieval time. I felt like i was living in medieval time, i forgot that i was born in 21st century haha.

I trekked to Lo-Manthang, the capital city of Lo (upper mustang) while there was Tiji festival. I found that Tiji festival has been practiced by the locals for 500 years (since 17th century). Most of the Monasteries have puja everyday where you can go and meditate while monks are reciting mantras.

Mustang, Desert in the Mountains is situated to the north of Annapurna Massif and is a region that receives scanty rainfall as compared to the rest of Nepal. The region is inhabited by the people following Buddhism as their major religion with some touch of local practices that has evolved since time immemorial. Stone structure is the main feature of the construction style of the region and not a single construction is untouched by this architectural style. All the houses, gates, pavements etc. in villages are the living example of this kind of architecture. The land is very dry with scanty vegetation. As this region is regarded as the Desert in the Mountains, a trek in this region can be enjoyable any time of the year. This is a secluded region with very shy but hospitable people. A visit to this region will certainly give a pre-experience before going for a trip to Tibet. This region lies to the north of Annapurna Region and trek to the destinations in this region can be combined with trek in Annapurna Region. Mustang is still regarded as a restricted Area and for a trek in this region; special formalities need to be completed before venturing this trek.

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Exovitae says:

Can this trekk be done independently?

Thupten Thupten says:

Thank you so much, Mr. Ram for sharing this wonderful video! I am your subscriber now.

Bishal Phuyal says:

awesome place….lower mustang ra upper mustang ko trek garda total cost kati lagxa…. any idea

Heman Gurung says:

0:59 jhandai saato lagyo murti le :D

Bhashkar Pokharel says:

well presented


This is great and very good Job

Hae Kim says:

@9;35 Roman-Ttang. TTang means Land, Bhat, Territory. in pure Korean. Do Romans use same word ,Ttang as the meaning of the land?? I believe That area is the ancient herders land. Eurasian ethnic ?

Deckie Deckie says:

The dancers look chinese….

Deckie Deckie says:

Dude…..I like how you keep your narrative sentences short and to the point…

rupak chaudhary says:

Very nice video….sir what local youths do in mustang, what is the role of Nepal government in mustang, does there is any school or other development facility in Mustang ??

Sagar Pandey says:

what about expenses ???

Theme ko says:

Really nice sir! keep sharin' videos.

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Your video is awesome ramji. You have done a great job by showing this heaven in earth to the rest of the world. Keep exploring new destinations.

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