Taking Delivery of a 2018 Mustang GT…Things didn't work out

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HardcorrDays says:

Get a Jeep SRT! Good content

Self-verification - says:

You don’t want that money pit. By “money pit” I mean when you’re wasting time waiting for Ford to fix one of your “money” makers when you could be making videos with a reliable vehicle.

Zain Ahmad says:

You really didn’t want it! I waited 6 hours for my mustang! Maybe you could have stopped being a spoiled bitch and waited a couple more hours! So don’t try to blame the dealership! Literally Unsubscribing rn! SMH

Replay says:

Trade in the srt for hellcat

Michael Camacho says:

if you’re still iffy about getting a mustang , just look at a video of mine on my channel

Tracy Lee says:

Good job wasting the salesman's time. It's not like he needs to make a living…. Just unbelievable…


I guess no ruby red

Hitmanblood says:

Take your time. Get a car you enjoy and will live with. I saw your joy during the test drive you had a smile on your face driving that manual. It will all work out in the end.

Ravaniscool says:

You have to do what makes you happy, it's your money after all! I wouldn't worry about what others think. Patience always pays off. Best of luck!

Joshua Powell says:

Get a Hellcat

saleen367 says:

3rd times a charm … besides, you'll love the rev match downshifts in the 19

S550 Texas dfw says:

Fuck what everyone say buy the 5.0!

Redeye Knight says:

Get a Redeye!

Silva Motorsports says:

What a mission!

wrxthh says:

You seem not 100 with it just go with your gut if you really wanted one you wouldn’t have second thoughts about it.

88 5.0 E Lopez says:

Just get a 18 or 19 GT a10 pp1 u won't ever regret it anything else is bum

Manny Dhillon says:

Bro I'm going to go for a 2015 6 speed manual mustang gt and just sell my car and but a 2018 ram 3500 I think itll work all out but congrats on the 2 beasts

grandmaster720 says:

Plz check the Camaro 2ss

Patrick McCollum says:

Personally, I think the SRT had a much better engine note / sound that the mustang did.

J C says:

Another story….. BS

Joe Chest says:

If they wanted to sell you the car, they would have sold It to you. Or at the very least beg you to stay. So you did the right thing and got the hell out of there.

ClifFord311 TV says:

You are one wishy washy dude. You may not want to hear this, but you bait and switched the second dealer ….just like the first dealer did to you. I get all your concerns, reservations, and yes…..it is a big purchase. You should go with your gut. That being said …you can't bitch about a dealership doing you wrong, and turn around and go to another dealership and pitch a fit and leave as soon as they don't operate within your time frame.

Florida Maddogg says:

You need to get what you want. Don't worry about what other people say. You probably just should have waited and got the car, but that's just me. 2018 or 2019 GTs, same exact issues, but they are small percentages of cars so just get what you want. You have a 30 day time period to keep your credit going before you have to take a hit again for pulling it. I also agree, Camaros are just meh.

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