Welcome back to the streets, Satan.. (850hp Mustang)

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The beast has finally been finished… for now….
Stay tuned for the car once Lund finishes up my tune!


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BigOG TT says:

Hey I have heard a lot about data logging but never really understood the purpose of it when comes to modding a performance car. Do you think could make a in depth video on data logging and why you should do it to your car.

Rhino Gaming says:

DAMN man good job with the intro
and also the paint job of the car is fire_leave a LIKE

2 Fast says:

Don't you just love watching guys pour money on cars and live in apartments lmfao. Get your priorities straight! Really is sad. Smh

Jadon Bethel says:

Man i am a big fn wztched all vids and i was your 135 sub man how muchs cars do u own

Chris Cooks says:

Every thought of a car cover 6 ?

Eli Gonzalez says:

What a shame you know how many African kids could have ate that bumper?

bigwells96 says:

I think you should do a burnout photo

Alex NAME says:

Can you please Upload A Video Tomorrow Lm Bored

MAD says:

Could watch this intro a 1000 time

Chad D says:

has $$$ car.. lives in an APT ?? what ??

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