What’s it like to drive the 2018 Ford Mustang GT? More Power and More Torque!

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How good is the 2018 Ford Mustang GT (Performance Package) ?
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David Woo says:

When he said, "we're just gonna take a look at the car" I immediately unzipped my pants.

Mirrek Balderson says:

Co-Devolped with GM?

Robert Flores says:

I prefer the looks from the 17’ better

Dustin D says:

55k lol fuck that

Zach Beech says:

Hey everyone come check out my new exhaust setup on my 5.0 and let me know what you think?!

walter leon says:

Cheap I have a mustang 2017 GT no difference. Just need a front and rear bumper update and dashboard upgrade. My stang is faster 475-495max RPM stage 3 engine upgrade by Ford performance and Ford racing exhaust pipes.

Pedro says:

like driving any cheapo Ford

adrian valenzuela says:

Red line that biii

Cody Ok says:

The heated steering wheel catches fire

Cody Ok says:

Bro I wanted to leave a comment on the ad for this video

phoenix King97 says:

Why is the camera on your head when your showing the dashboard. I couldn't see the option.

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