YOU WONT BELIEVE what my 2019 Mustang GT DYNO’d with E85 -CRAZY!

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e85 gas/ fuel, intake CAI, 1 7/8 headers, catless Corsa double x pipe, palm beach Dyno tune.

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lockdown18Gt says:

Great # good luck tomorrow at the track

Randolph Garner says:

Enjoyed video. Especially nice to see your wife interested and involved

mark303murphy says:

Could have pulled the air filter and got 500.

ProjectScarlett says:

Please keep the name as Carnage

Robert Bue says:

Ya my little pony works

Mazman says:

Awesome awesome numbers! Big congrats brother. Most likely you are making some 100whp more than my stock euro version 😀

Hahaha my better half is really not into cars at all 😀

Raul P says:

Wow. Good video, it validates every mod and everything else you did. Good to know. So a manual/stick would produce a little more? Wonder why that is..

Steve Cavitt says:

She ruined your video acting like a 7 year old.

NDallas40 says:

You have to be happy with that for a N/A motor, Zan-man. My lily stock GT350 is about 40 under you!

Peyton Pruett says:

Taylor has tuned all my cars. Even my car out here in California. Wouldn't go anywhere else. He's the man.

MustangNation says:

great power… congrats

svt89 says:

Man I’ve seen so many of these A10 cars making 490-500 wheel and still running 11s. Hope your car produces 10s though


Good stuff man
I'm not a e85 fan yet.
If you got port work done you could hit 500 whp

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