Nopi Nationals at Sunshine Speedway | Coverage & Edit by TroubledViews

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A close homie of mine went to Nopi at Sunshine Speedway and got a bunch of footage and wanted to try his hand at editing. For his first time, its really not that bad. Going to have to work on time management amongst other things but regardless some real quality stuff right here.

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Intro made by SPIRE TAPES

All Diligence –

CHiT0wN L1FE –

The SLAP Train –

Mentalist –

Instagram Straight Flexin –

Forza 4 Throwbacks –



unbekannt lp says:

Sry i cant watch that in our Country but anyway i give a like 

Hoonigan Gaming says:

Editing repeats and the fps in slow motion hurts.

Jordyn Dix says:

What part of Florida I didn’t hear about this

Hoonigan Gaming says:

hello motha fucka, allready laughing out loud lol

Dub says:

nice edit man. that chick w the purple hair fucking worked it bru lmao <3

unbekannt lp says:

Ich kann mir das nicht ansehen wegen der gema man 

Raheem Jones says:

Great song to pick #greatmixtape 

hmfatlace says:

Nice mix man

Bboy Bertens says:

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