6 American Bass 15s on 2 Powerbass 5k Amps!

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Nopi Nationals 2013.


Luis Garcia says:

Oldbass 40 what that dude mean by getting better subs man they gat the best
ab ftw 

Luis Garcia says:

He should get the vfls 

TDH Quadfather says:

Only thing that I dislike is that they don’t pick up the bass that well. I
do have a JVC as well, that does, but just not as handy as the Kodak

NexusRides says:

your camera and twisted cameras are the best cameras for bass in my opinion

Oldbass40 says:

It’s interesting that you say that. My camera is one that Twisted used to
have when I first started watching his vids and that’s what helped me
choose it…

NexusRides says:

wow i didnt know that. thats cool

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