NOPI Nationals Myrtle Beach Speedway 2017

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NOPI Nationals Myrtle Beach Speedway 2017
Music By T-Mass – Fixion
Music By Mayhem and Antiserum – Hustle


001GenLee says:

Nice wheels, they really know how to tune their wheels, the girls aren't bad either. 🙂 At 2:02, nice Fall Guy truck! What's that?, if you're an 80's kid u'd know. 🙂

Blake Royston says:

it was so lit and made me want to get into the truck game but the 240 in flames killed the vibe

Adrian Hughes says:

mines the 08 super duty with all the doors open next to the white Silverado

Tyler McLaughlin says:

my truck at the beginning behind the black Tahoe lol

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