Top 7 Bikini Girls at LPC3 – Part 1 in 4K

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This was the top 7 Bikini Girls who participated in the 3rd Lauren Powers National Classic. The Contestants were Erynn Blaker, Gwendolyn Morales, Jheanelle W…


MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

The top 7 LPC Bikini Girls part 1

John Chovie says:

fuckin gross. except the one in the middle with the pink stripe and the one
all the way to the right

11vinci says:

You dirty old man!

ThaRedPitbull says:

The one with the shiny dark pink is amazing. Good gracious.

mathew pinagonzalez says:

I cant choose

matt w says:

hottest one is the fattest one. I use the word fat loosely here.


My girl friends look good….

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