2012 civic system. Nopi here we come!

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Second rebuild on Civic. Still have to finish flashing the trunk an more tuning. Unfortunately we had a 3sixty bad out of the box, 1 sub crashed, and 1 amp b…


adidas1984x says:

sweet which nopi are you going to?

prmike88 says:

Wow that’s awesome setup didn’t realize that’s 2 alts lol I did see the
bracket was a lil weird & the alt seemed to be sitting higher higher than
stock lol so if I run an an extra battery w/isolater I’ll be good? Sub
channels pushing over 600rms & each 4ch a lil over 100rms thanks for your

customtintandsound says:

We went w 4 XS Power 3400 batts and 2 Mechman 230a alternators. Your setup
def wouldn’t need that much. You could very likely add a second battery and
that would help a good bit.

prmike88 says:

What setup you running for power? I have a 13 civic coupe I put a 5ch jl
audio amp 1 10″ jl w6 & 1 set of jl components for the front, my lites
flicker 🙁 what you guy’s running for juice?

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