Before Mischief – Car Culture in 2000 – Super Street Tour & Nopi Nationals

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Before Mischief. Car culture in the year 2000. This footage was taken from the VHS movie titled “ACCLR8 – Fastest of 2000” that I produced. I sold this VHS movie out the trunk of my Mazda at car events before “Mischief”. This video features the 2000 Super Street Tour East Leg and the 2000 Nopi Nationals. The video and audio have been remastered (unfortunately, Hi8 footage quality is always going to look like shit). Period correct music by Ondrej Tvarozek​
Originally I was going to add this to the remastered Mischief movie being released on Youtube later this month. I changed my mind after finding the original tapes of the 2001 SS Tour and Nopi Nationals. That footage is much better (quality & content). Dado also joined us on that adventure. More details soon! _ Dustin Worles
Dustin Worles
Creator of Mischief
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Dustin Worles
Coy Gupta
Noah Whitney
Jared Saulnier
Nathan Oleary
Daniel Worles
Carey Dugenske
Brad Dugenske

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TristansAdventures says:

I had a del sol like this. Lambo doors, Air ride, Matte Pearl white paint job in 2006 and a fully polished engine bay, Fully Shaved Body it Was featured in Import Tuner. I think about that car all the time.

jack Clark says:

That time was easily the greasiest 5 years in the history of this world

oakiraji says:

back when cars still were interesting

radude4763 says:

What happened to all these cars?

cerealfamine says:

A lot of radwood cars!

Eric Williams says:

That was a fun tour…Coy and I road down with SUPERSTREET MAG if I remember correctly.
and we just ran around taking pics and recording all weekend as you all filmed and did quick edits to sell…crazy fun…thx Dustin

Jo Louie says:

7:25 look how fast that Supra whips around. LOL

Jo Louie says:

It's amazing how everyone associated with Teckademics has legendary status. Even the chicks.

Rat3d M says:

Jesus man, i was in 9th grade and didnt even know who you guys were when this was made. #feelingold

Robert West says:

Love the guy doing a burnout with the whole family in the car!

Dynasty 214 says:

you still owe me a 8 second car

jackfordmac says:

It was a simpler time, never be like that again, different times different vibes, shit internet and shifty forums and 56k modems

Sketchy says:

Thank you so much for sharing this. I was only 10 at the time and had no way to see such things. I only ever went to shows with my dad and those were all classic cars, and he didn't want me buying an import either.

eXite Video Magazine says:

This was super inspirational. I'm going to put up some of my old car show footage on my channel. I have an old DVD somewhere!

I miss that MX-6, and mine as well!

What a time to be in the car scene. All that smoke and not a vape in sight…

DB8 Dante says:

Oh man this video makes me so happy. This was the era I just got into the car scene, 2000 would have been my junior going into senior year of high school. A lot of people might say some of this is rice or whatever, but that’s just how it was then. There were so many local tuner shops, no cell phones stuck to people’s faces, it was great. The inter webs got rid of most of the local tuner shops and now everything is based online. Kinda sad, it was nice driving to one of these shops and shoot the shit with fellow car guys, whether you were buying something or not. It was such a different time, for the better I think. Thanks for sharing this!!

Mac Dee says:

Pure joy right there. Simple times, none of the social media I want followers, getting distracted by my phone crap lol

Homero Flores says:

Does anyone know the name of the first song? tia

Jo Louie says:

I miss the late 90s/early 2000s. Everything is so pretentious and boring now. The internet becoming mainstream had such a bizarre effect on everyone.

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