Buell 1125R and Suzuki Hayabusa at 2012 Nopi Nationals, GoPro HDHero

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My 2008 Buell 1125 inthe right lane, Don on a Suzuki gsxr Busa in the left lane. During the 2012 Nopi Nationals Super Show car show and drag races at Atlanta…


Zone Television says:

He has about 200 more cc’s and about 40 more HP .. even still .. it was an
impressive run . I love the Buells .. I really don’t see the need for more
than 2 Cylinders on a bike (In my opinion). .. what was your time/speed ?

garrettxowens says:

I was running 11.0/11.1s at 135 that weekend. This is my street bike so I
dont launch hard at all on it, 60s are 1.80s.

Zone Television says:

Very respectable run. May get an XB or an 1125r next year. The 1125R is an
amazing machine .. can’t help but drool.

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