End of NOPI – It closed

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So NOPI has being a big part the car scene and LHT. We got the sad new they are closing.
It’s end of an era that we’ve had so many fond memories with.
Ive gone to every NOPI nationals since 1996 and only missed it in 2004 due to a back injury. I even arrange my wedding date around the Nopi Nationals….lol

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DunDun Symanski says:

Hey John do you get discounts on Kraftworks SC kits?

Joe Mama says:


March 29-31 2019 Myrtle Beach Speedway

DcA79 says:

Sad news. I went for the first time in 01 and entered in 02. Took home 2nd in my class.

Ben says:

I remember hearing how epic the Nopi cruises were. Nobody seems to be able to motivate show goers on those interstate cruises anymore.

Dat Subi13 says:

So sad an end of a era for sure I had so many good memories from street racing in Houston on rankin road to Nopi in Atlanta man I’m getting old and miss what the import scene used to be.

ajdahun says:

Even a guy like me, who's not into the import scene, knows who NOPI is, errr, was…..

hector rodriguez says:

Back in the days, I remember opening up Super Street magazine and 10 pages of NOPI in the center section! Always got a kick out of looking for parts that would fit my 87 Mr2. Sad to hear that they're gone….

BitMan Dee says:

I actually worked for Nopi in Forest Park. Mark Meyers rest his soul, did everything to try and revive the car show circuit. After his passing, it was the final blow for Nopi. I will forever miss the fun times i had setting up and judging all the custom rides. There will never be another show circuit like it!!

E. L. says:

They have died for me twice now. 1st was thinking they had already died, 2nd was finding out they're alive only to die again.

aw614 says:

I wasn't old enough at its height, but I remember the ads in magazines and the photos from the shows. I'd love to see a pic dump of the shows from the late 90s and early 00s. I got my brief taste in it near the end of high school, but I always love looking at how modding has changed over time.

jacob ezell says:

NOPI 2004 was awesome! First time I seen an Supra with nitrous on a dyno. And that NC blue integra with M3 headlights and tail lights by Elite Customs. Awesome show!

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