Ford F150 4.6L with 150 shot Nitrous vs Turbo Honda Civic at NOPI Nationals

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1997 Ford F150 with NX 150 shot destroys an import at NOPI Nationals My 13 second Ford F150 4.6L with 150-shot Nitrous at NOPI Nationals. Ran a 14.21 at 98mp…


BullittMcQueen says:

underdrive pulleys. At that time I believe I had a superchips module in.
After I installed the supercharger, I went with a diablochips programmer.

kawibbyrule says:

so what does an underdrive pully system do? i have the same truck and
engine and i would love to have more power!

BullittMcQueen says:

At this time, pulleys, chip, magnaflow dual exhaust, and a 150 wet shot by

kawibbyrule says:

now what do you mean a pulley system what does that do?? and what chip are
you running?

kawibbyrule says:

what did the ford all have done to it

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