NOPI Swimsuit Competition – Orlando

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Fourteen ladies compete in this bikini contest at the NOPI Nationals car show in Orlando, Florida.

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screwloose455 says:

Remember when nopi girls were hot.

Primecutpro says:

NOPI Bikini contest in Orlando, Florida #NOPICHICS

nilson davis says:

Number one is easily the winner…

kevin scully says:

This is a great video. You guys have the best channel on YouTube.

JUX VEN says:

please stop using your zoom

mgraber1 says:

Last one is by far the hottest, no contest.

Cherry Candy says:


5252dan says:

the one consistent thing you do all the time, the very reason i always come
back is; the camera angle.

Nightowl358 says:

That last chick was something else.

Mahdi Maleki says:

Thanks !

MrSwift05 says:

OMG that last women is HOT HOTTER than HELL!!!!

D33Lux says:

excellent vid and great ass shots with your camera.

René Seidel says:
Уринбек Косимов says:

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