Second video of drifting, first day at NOPI Nationals in Atlanta…i’ll upload the first (and better) one after I figure out how to shrink it down.
The driver was OK after going to the hospital. He even came back to the show later.
nopi drift event at rockingham nc.
Erin doing his thing at nationals.
Drifting Up Close Nopi Nationals Sept 21-22.
NOPI Nationals in Atlanta.
More drifting action at NOPI NATIONALS. Gary Lang (Maxxis Tire Nissan 240sx) does battle with Drift Brigade member Damien Bagley (black S14) at NOPI Drift Pittsburgh …
andy sapp and his crew drifing at nopi nationals 2006.
Nopi nationals drifting 2006.
NOPI Nationals 2006 Atlanta Motor Speedway.
NOPI Nationals 9/21/13 – 9/22/13 USACI 3x Event.
2nd qualifying run for Honda Element-D for top 16 tandem event.
Nopi Drift 2013 Atlanta Dragway (Part 1)