This car reaches speeds over 200mph and runs a 7.23 in the quarter mile at NOPI Nationals in Orlando, Florida.
Short clip of Nopi Drift Denver June 23, 2007.
Nopi Drift Miami,FL 4-14-07 Some coverage from show but unfortunatly no drifting in this video.
Nopi Drift Show Colorado 2007…civic, integra, accord, lexus, WRX STI, Lancer EVO, MR2, S14 Silvia, xcion, 350z, supra, RX7, NSX…girls girls girls…
Nopi drift event at Englishtown, NJ music by: Legion of Doom Song: Lolitas Medicine Check out
NOPI Drift Video w/ Japanese NoPI ドリフト 日本語 字幕.
Badass element!!!!!!!!!!!! Check this out from the Dew Report as they invade NOPI Drift Colorado. A true flashback to the old series featuring Bill Sher…
NOPI DRIFT held at Lake Erie Speedway, Lake Erie, PA.
Drifting from Nopi 07 with Ozzy’s “I don’t wanna stop” sorry for the framerate in the beggining.