Here are 10 Selected cars chosen by memebers of car throttle along with a few of my own personal choices enjoy GOLF MK3/MK4:GTI LEVIN:1.6 BZR Mini:Cooper 1275cc,Cooper S (If possible) Subaru Impreza:1.8 AWD GL,2.0 AWD,2.0 AWD Turbo (if possible) Mazda RX8:1.3 or 1.7 BMW 3 series:E30=318is,325I E36=318is,328i E46 318CI/I (Dailying) 320CI/I,330CI/I Toyota MR2:Na Without T-Bar (Turbo if possible) Lexus/Toyota IS200/Altezza:Sport i guess… Mazda MX5(NA,NB) 1.6 or (1.8 if insurable) Honda Civic:EK3 or EK4 VTI/SIR Song:EvenS-Tell
So I finally got around to making this video and all I got to say is how surprised I am about how cheap some of these cars, especially considering how powerful some of them are. I’m not here to waste your time with a long drawn out intro, so let’s get started. These Europeans be crazy! Turbocharging errything! HOW I MAKE MY VIDEOS! VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE: MY MICROPHONE: MY CAMERA: MY GOPRO: MY PHONE: MY TWITTER! MY INSTAGRAM! Original Video Clip Links Volvo S60R: BMW M3: Mercedes S600: Audi S4: [More]
On “My Car Story” we’re in Chicago on 4-20-19. We’re looking at a 1971 Plymouth Cuda in Snow White Paint with a 426 Hemi Engine. The car also has the manual 4 speed transmission with the Pistol Grip Shifter. The car’s Owner is Tom Lembeck. Tom’s had this car since 2003. Tom’s known for his MOPAR muscle car collection. This car is all original. The bonus was taking it out in the streets of Chicago for a spin. ENJOY!
Smoke flies in this awesome burnout contest at Myrtle Beach Speedway in South Carolina at the Nopi Nationals Car Show event.
Montage of Atlanta Nopi Nationals car show in Commerce Georgia. Check out other videos from this event in playlist and Links Below:
Pics from the NOPI Nationals that was held in Knoxville,TN.
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Click here to find out how to win a set of TSW Wheels! Everyone has to start somewhere, and that is especially true in the car scene. Whether you are picking out your first car to start tinkering with, or are ready to move on to something new it can be a little hard to decide which car you are going to go with. Today Gels sits down and goes over some of the best first cars you should consider modifying. What was your first car? Let us know down below! Subscribe here► Right now is the best [More]
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เทคเปิด โลกเปลี่ยน B18C ลั่นทุ่ง #Vtec #B18c #Honda
Dialing in my old daily with a wet 60 shot of Nitrous. motor is a full 2000 ITR swap & Car made 190whp/134wtq in a previous video but new owner wanted a little more. Tuning with Neptune RTP to control the nitrous once activated by an arming switch.
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