*350K Without Power-West Coast Slammed-More Coming*Interesting EQ-D^U^M^B^S*5.9 Causes Damage*

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John Smith says:

D.U.M.B.S. — Deep Underground Military Bases are all over the nation and they keep building more. Those in powerful positions in the government know something big is coming, whether it’s something they are going to initiate or something they have no control over. They just want to be able to hide within their palatial hideouts on safety while they watch 90% of the population burn and die off. I know that sounds harsh, but these people are sociopaths and psychopaths and care not for their fellow man. Many of them are Satan Worshippers and Free Masons who have been plotting with their masters for a NWO Tyranny where the things they now do in secret will become widely accepted. Their Agenda 21 is being implemented as we speak. Military Directed Energy Weapons were used on California, Geo-Engineering is being used on the entire population of America and the rest of the world. They are moving a weaponized communications 5G in as fast as they can. People, we are all already under attack and have been for quite a while now, they are just escalating it as they know they are about out of time and they are all scrambling before the general population finally figures it out. We are in the Last Days!

Marcel Baumann says:

With these shallow 1.4…3.0 EQs, it is going on all over the world. Especially in the mountainous areas of Europe, NZ and other hide outs.

Cherrie Mckinstry says:

Earth homes would even protect you from some flooding too. I'd make an Adobe wall around about 4ft tall at the lowest as an extended grotto. I worry about mud slides too. I like how they take those long bags used in sandbaggong an area to control water. They fill these and use them to strengthen the walls of an earth home. Then drilling down for warmth. The further down you can go the warmer it gets. I'm definitely glad I'm not sitting over a hotspot though. Hail is a concern too. A community is to care about people. Safer in a group and sharing activities. I remember meeting the relatives of people who lived during the dustbowl and what the movie Grapes if Wrath.. is made about. People suffering and starving and in some cases their farms bought for nothing because they could no longer grow crops, but they had oil under their property. Makes you wonder now…. Finally the President set up the C CC And people were given a tent cabin and a job doing public works jobs which included our parks putting in roads and structures. Then as time progressed some got cape cod houses and women worked during the war effort and suddenly we were very prosperous. But a lit of sufferingbinbetween. There must be a better system

james jackson says:

last days of mankind you chit dumb rubbish into the water poison the air with chit and expect everything to stay as it was ! Your all a joke and every last person is to blame !

Buzz Lite yrs says:

So nibiru is flying over us with chemtrail's blocking it, cali fires and mudslides and government shutdown while the rest of the nations are at war…and yeah the dow keeps dropping also winter skipped some of us… we're screwed.

Martha Hutton says:

Could be worse… You could have morgellons

sandra burke says:

I heard 20years ago an individual had purchased a Strip of Land from the east coast all the way across to the west coast. Little by little he accumulated it, who knows it may have been purchased from him for a special project.

Andi Bowe says:

PELE did not erupt she was raped and drained by PGV! The caldera did not collapse until it drained.

John Pittman says:

Thank you for your share .

No Non sense says:

Thanks for report but our weather has manufactured more like manipulated for 50 years it shoots electricity into the ionosphere a device called HARRP and 100 other devices like it Causing rain fire snow earthquakes and volcanoes we need to wake up and speak out about this and say no more shut the funding down on HARRP

Desiree Bernert says:

Namaste!! I just joined!!

Lynn Sager says:

Ya and now they will ask for billions to help them out! From the same ppl that are against funding the wall!! Gods trying to tell you dumbasses something! LISTEN

darrell rolstone says:

EEA….since most people don't understand that the wave height is measured by only HALF of what the wave height from the bottom of the swell to the top actually is, they even out the height from a still water point of view. But when they say the wave was 48 feet….if you were in the frickin ocean….and in the bottom of the swell looking up to the top of the coming wave…..you would be looking up a 96 foot wave: therefore, you might mention that, from time to time, when talking about wave height! That would help people realize the actual height of those huge waves! Blessings, Rollee

David Thorson says:

Be prepared, not scared.

Doug Berg says:

U idiot. This was last Friday. Do you really think God would love you doing this. Ur a fake.

Tiamatt Buckallew says:

been spraying and testing transformers,bank atms ,cash only for a day banks closed,power outages load booms and weird noises in sky,every one i talk to is having headaches,flu synd,forgetfulness,crazy colors in the sky,and what seems to be a lot of static electricity. maybe coincidence.or i believe testing the system.i live bye rail and hyway been seeing alot of military on trains,trucks,and following the river in chinook and black hawks .seems like alot of training going on.eyes and ears open.HUGS TO ALL MEN AND WOMEN.

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