Florida Trooper Rescues Driver Who Slammed Into His SUV

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When a Florida Highway Patrol trooper pulled onto the hard shoulder to help a motorist, another car came careening out of nowhere. In a dramatic moment caught on the trooper’s camera, the vehicle struck the guardrail and then slammed into the back of the patrol car. It sent glass and debris flying. A fire soon started from the car’s engine. Miraculously, Trooper Richard Verbiest was not seriously injured by the crash. But the driver of the car that hit his was.


Rogue_xgod Mvz says:

If you can't drive don't drive

Anahera Folimatama says:

I'm shook

coli7330 coli7330 says:


Lord Vader says:

I need good Troopers like this in the empire.

Marv Barr says:

So I’m confused so the driver just randomly wanted to drive on that emergency lane or what exactly was he trying to do????? Or he accidentally swerved to that lane or just being an idiot or what it doesn’t make sense??

G- Ridez says:

FLORIDA = Crackheads

Alan Longoria says:

Key Word: Florida

Ghost Ranger says:


andy amaya says:

Of course it was in Florida… DO BETTER

T says:

That SUV must have a lot of mass, it barely moved with the impact

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