Slammed Society Guam Models Jdm Drift B-boy

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Car show held in Guam. Also follow me on Insatgram Buddylee757 and


Thrillcekr says:

Ah man… No girls. The dancing was cool I guess. But I hate those rice
burners with the stupid looking rims. Pieces of junk. Get a real fucking

ThisNameIsntOriginal says:

so much rice i could start a Chinese restaurant 

Faded Blades says:

I’m from Guam!!!

CreacherRDK hs says:

Yeaa ! V

juarez122191 says:

Omg those wheels 00:30

Dat Cox says:

Haters gonna Hate. nice video.

sive ndobeni says:

where are the girls man??

0905TNguy18 says:


JR Sanchez says:

Where are the girls wearing yoga pants 

Roomet A. Saar says:

false advertisement.

Brandon Ny says:

Yosh goliat!!!

Tommy Lee says:

Hmmm thinking about moving to Guam..if I do get ready for the freshness

RashaudThomas DanMcNeil says:

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