Clean Culture OC Meet 2014 | StanceNation

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Like my page: For the past three years I’ve been covering the Clean Culture shows and this year its gotten…


swsthebest1994 says:

Epic! Why don’t we have in the Netherlands meetings like this :(

corey white says:

What are those rims at 0:28 on that evo, really clean

YamaMX says:

Thanks again for the great video Chris!

iSpiteful says:

So sick. I need more.

Mirshhhh says:

wow supras r35’s s2000’s subarus i am done

badnad13 says:

Love it!

Onur Polat says:

I fall in love 0:42 bmw e92

JDMPresident says:

01:47 that new subie tho’!

The9220 says:


adrian123410987 says:

blue short girls were not hot at all.. :(

julzsep90 says:

Sic video bro next show coming soon Clean Culture Auto Fest July 27th
Boulder Stadium Pamona NY don’t miss it 

GermanoMF22 says:

Brazilian girls 15 years are hotter than those.

6.1 Hemi SRT Prowler says:

Great video! Thanks so much for the capture of the Hemi prowler doing the

Multiplii says:

I am so pumped for your SOWO after movie. Honestly all of your videos are
just perfect. 

BeKalolz says:

Woah osum vid dude!
I like the movements and the sync too! Keep it up! :)

Tristen D. Mowatt says:

Anyone else noticed dude @ 3:26 twerking? SMGDH


Andrei Chirnogeanu says:

another epic work, good job Chris! We love you!!

Steel86Curtain says:

Spectacular video. They never disappoint.

Vlado Legacy says:

where was this meet at

L. Kärkkäinen says:

So clean edit and camera work, respect! Could you tell me your camera set

Alexander Munoz says:


1AwesomeAsian says:

Best cinematographer at car shows I swear! Keep it up! You inspire me.

Fife do says:

Love it!

FurionS says:

Clean Culture #sóNave

B4S3B4LLF4N says:

so clean!

kingofjdm says:

Come check us out ! We a big page on instagram @Kingofjdm(42k). Go give us
a follow

Jan Gielens says:

Nice primera 3:07

keefer joyce says:

Nice job!!!!!

TheDan1601 says:

Subies <3

Cole Stoughton says:


Sammy Sandoval says:

What camera

KosovarMods . says:

the song name in the begining?

Zack Hall says:

Great job as usual man

resqz says:

pls make longer videos they’re so sweet.

ValenNitto says:

Damn nice job man! Always love the videos. 

Kaj Biesen says:

The song is kasbo reaching

Lashaun Miller says:


Vlado Legacy says:

moar moar moar moar

FurionS says:

Clean Culture #sóNave

Phil Jones says:

Just sent the video to my lil cuz 

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