“Perfectionists” – StanceNation – Car Culture (2019)

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Car Culture

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Outro Song – Califormula
Artist – Blackbear

Song – 80’s
Artist – GREEZE

I did not record any of this footage

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RD Films –
“Perfectionists” – StanceNation – Car Culture (2019)


The Car Critic says:

I would like to see a cinematic of your own car, that would be lit

Rex Stoneham says:

#stancenation You upload great content, and i am glad i'm here to appreciate it. So thanks!

I support your channel bro!

Ali Higazy says:

0 dislike , great video

Hubcaps And Bags says:

How they not rocking 10 mill subs yet bro

CCXJack 21 says:

Love the purple on that 350z <3

Briedis says:

Best songs as expected from RD Films❤️

FallOut Dude says:

deserves a million sub for this kind of video work

keys toast says:

Thema boss is back 🙂

Kubix says:

these black words on black background are not visible really

Jarred Brock says:

Love these vids

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