Stance Nation Was LIT!

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First time at stance nation was absolutely amazing, it’s shows like this that inspire me so much with cars and everything that i want to achieve.

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Subie Jason says:

Seeing that mr2 makes me miss mine soo much. keep it 110.

D Kush says:

Of all the car channels…..most of which suck…………I enjoy your videos. You appreciate your viewers, rather than exploiting them. Plus you always have legit shit. 🙂

Chris H says:

Anyone know when sergeant zach is comin back

lisajasmin1 says:

where was it located

Pete Rose says:

Fucking sausage fest…..

CaJMoney says:

Yo did you see freshkickks and lowtek ?

little jayme69 says:

Spotted myself!!.

Anthony Smith says:

dope video!!


I didnt see you guys there! Next time 🙁

Bou says:

Always grinding, keep it going brother!

Antonio Lopez says:

Helpful tip: you can add music in the background

moneyman89065 says:

How come you don't park the sti in garage?

YungKeemThaDream says:

Lol when the guy who does your tattoos car is in the show

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