Stance Nation+Street+Sweeper!

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все любители низких авто тут 🙂


Rezax II says:

Got to protect that BN.
Victoria Gardens ftw!

Yanko Gonzalez says:


apex128 says:

Wasn't this a car that was the cover art of one of the facebook groups? i think it was chicagoland 240sx or something. Car looks clean.

Chris B says:

Bags are for the dailies. g37 tsx tl, things of that nature

-FantoM- Chanel says:

music please))))
Nice car!!!!

Mitchell Chapman says:

What up Frizzle!

cale saurage says:

this kit reminds me about my s14.5

True Ambitionz says:

bags are for fags

nomura ken D.K says:

Verry god S14a top top…("'-*)

Junghoen Cho says:


Ivan Sanchez says:

I dont unserstand why they dont just do airbags. I mean this car does not look like its going to the track so why coilovers. Save yourself the hassle and take care of ur car and put airbags be smart. (to all stance people)

Tomas Bannon says:

What is the body kit? Fenders quarter panels?

thomas høyland says:

What front bumper is that?

NotActive NotActive says:

SSR sticker? Aren't those Weds Kranze LZX

jairo Ortega says:

Nice, seems that you started early in the morning and finished late night.

Garrett Peat says:

Fuckit I'm buying one tommorow

SI RICKO says:

My nigga this car it's easy to see it's slow and low style so y and the fuck do you have bucket race seat'slol

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