Stance Wars Las Vegas 2018 (4K)

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Another year of StanceWars in the books! Las Vegas shows up every time like wild. This year again we took the approach of adding some storylines to the features leading up to the show coverage. Im beyond stoked with how this came together. Even thought right after filming this show my life was turned upside down were bouncing back and stronger than ever!!!! I want to thank Manny for helping me film this entire film! Special thanks also goes out to Woyshnis and Pyrex for helping and filling in some blanks with footage! Also bigger shoutout goes to everyone who picked up an event only shirt/sticker/air freshener. That was the first time I did something like that and Im so happy you guys enjoyed the merch so much and came up and showed me so much love. Thank you all for that. Hope you guys enjoy the film!

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Pearson Productions says:

I didn't know shaggy could drift

yuneyessi23 says:

2019 Las Vegas?

M In J’s says:

Ricers with the money 😉

Nick says:

8:00 – Is that the sherminator?

Daniyal Khan says:

cars bring people together….

Boosted C7 Z06 says:

Them are tight ass booty hugger jeans he got on there, are those his sisters jeans he got on?

MOMO X360 says:

That pink/black 3:00 subie owner's ig or fb plz if someone knows him!

Jenix Lifestyle says:

what is the name of first track?

Kenni says:

nice transition from day to night

Chris says:

fuckkkkk the wrx together <3

Ryan De Ketenor says:

First 6 minutes, rally cars trying to be V.I.P…pointless..

Jack Mehoff says:

3:01..need to walk into a gym

scooter rodriguez says:

3:27 lol they all have the same mark on the paint

Dr.SisterFister says:

13:07 Wanted to grab her ass… Did not and was like I'm out

Dylan Whitten says:

7:58 just wondering why they have speed bumps at a stance war competition

Vin says:

I would rather have a RICER CAR than this STANCE SHIT!

Shan Shann says:

rich kids with fat ass'es! lazy dogs! ROFL!


What are you shooting with bruh!

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