Stancenation 2018

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rafael maciel says:

I wanna do my kia soul like the orange one

Neff_F says:

Heyo homie! Nice hanging with ya

Mike Lawrence says:

Did you dyno your fish before you bought them

eli hernandez says:

What has been done to that evo x mr? the og one

Marcin Lapinski says:

Set up time lapse on the fish tank


Mini Vans in a car show… Only in America i hope

DJY Motor Media says:

Hey Jack what up from Australia man keep up the dope content.. Also i have a 1996 Yamaha 50cc Jog scooter an im wondering were to get aftermarket bits an pieces for it like big bore kits ect i want to make mine cane like yours lol..

Project FD says:


Project FD says:

One fkin' month of rain. I can't even.

Ben Cooke says:

Love the fish tank!

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