Stancenation Florida West Palm Official After Movie | 2017 4k

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Headphones Preferred!

I have to say, this has been extremely awesome to attend this event. A lot of phenomenal cars took place at the convention center and was well worth the trip!! I look forward to attending to this event again and hopefully the plan to return. I have not had the chance to stay there longer than I wanted but I have made the best of it. Thanks again stance nation for bringing us car groupies together to share this passion! Until next time!

Skip over to 4:38 for the good stuff! I shared my morning experience before then đŸ™‚

Song Selection:
Forever – Kwon

Arise – Vexaic

Rebirth – Mikegs

Coordinate – Aarne

Last Train Home – CityLights

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Brixkras says:

Ayyyy me at the very end! Hahaha

Shotta R. says:

why is it i doors in florida?

NuttyNu says:

nice. new sub. what camera used ?

mazda tunzer says:

love the video were you using a canon per chance?

VIsubby says:

Dat dude funny as Fuk lmao. I ain't know he was here in FL though.

Decside says:

Aight aight, subbing lol

Daryl Seepersad says:

that's a quality video right there

v2lab says:

Awesome video man! đŸ˜€

Bigapplemagic says:

Amazing work man I really enjoyed your movie! Keep it up!

Zosh says:


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