Stancenation Norcal | 2018 | [4K]

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Stancenation makes its way to Norcal. I had to throw in some SOB X RBE to represent the bay. Huge shoutout to Alex (SneakerHeadInTheBay) for introducing me to Paul and the rest of the VanKulture crew. It was a pleasure filming with them and there will be more vans on my channel in the future. Another shoutout to my bros @illwiditfilmz and @dimsumproductions for building walls around the cars. Go check out their channels below.

Behind the scenes of the shoot:

Alex’s Channel:


Dimsum Productions:

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SOB X RBE – Game On
Famous Dex – Japan (Prod. JGramm)


SneakerHeadInTheBay says:


FA5vtechPILOT says:

IMO: MUSIC SUKS BIG FUNGUS TOES. video crystal clear.

KC Films says:

Video 10/10

.. music ruined it for me sadly

13THPR0PH37 says:

Sweet video, love the vans. Made me miss my old previa! The song though made my ears bleed. I can't put in words how awful his lyrical delivery is.

guns click says:

japan and sob go with this video

jazz3is says:

I Love You <3

Tri Le Duc says:

So nice, man.


Those vans though! Killed it as always, nice work!

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