Toyota Celsior B-Euro // STANCE:NATION

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Stance Nation featured 2003 Toyota Celsior // owner: Junpei Gotou Check it here!…


AllMightyPijun says:

Bitch i wanna see that ho drive. Not you lookin at the damn ceiling and the
car in stationary dafuq?

mike jones says:

Like ur beat

Ahmad Fawal says:

chink shit with his flashing rice

Bong Qwehh says:

What kind of wheels are these?

Kuni Lexus of Portland says:

Crazy neon-lights on this Lexus LS! Show us the modifications you have
done, or want to do

Maximus gameplay says:


Стас Князев says:

Nigga style tuning

MrAmazingasian16 says:

This is Japanese VIP. It’s supposed to be flashy and loud. Stance scene
over there is different than it is in the U.S. 

witeboy08 says:

Those are the biggest disks I have ever seen on a lexus

Tustin Lexus says:

Let’s end the week with an absolutely bonkers neon-lights Lexus LS
430/Toyota Celsior from Japan!

janwarter says:

fuuuukkkk! i died….

Gianni Mahone says:

name of the song 😮 !!!?

unidenprizes says:

Yakuza punk ^^

j0rdy0wnz says:

body kit,neon loool fast n furious tuning

sofaking16 says:

Dope beat!

betekvs says:

I’m speechless….

JM Lexus says:

Check out this Neon-Light Lexus LS 430 from Japan! #jmlexus 

xxdbriderklx110xx says:

Oh youtube so this isn’t rice because it is not a civic?
Sick car by the way and to all their own.

hahahahahahahaha says:

lexus is toyota. same thing with acura/honda and nissan/infiniti

Jay Bosslingo says:

Every 7 year olds dream car

Wayne Palmer says:


MrUnixlike says:

Ive got a question: How in the world did he even get the car into the
parkinghouse? o.o..

LaKErLaTe says:

Вот ты сука дебил нет? Лексус тоже самое, что и тойота. Toyota Celsior
Представительский седан класса “люкс”… Предназначен для внутреннего рынка
Японии, до 2009 года в другие страны поставлялся как лексус серии “LS”
Дебилы ебанные!

blakcod8 says:

Nice 🙂

GriZzJLy says:

это его машина, и он японец…

Darnell Bembridge says:

lexus toyota is the same car & so is scion

Bogdan Florin says:

That’s a Lexus…not Toyota!

scr34m1ng says:

this is my favorite video ever.

Chris Marquez says:

lexus is still the same as toyota..

dzhao1123 says:


Rade Dimitrov says:

brutalizm !!!!!!!!

Pavel Nikolaevich says:

в начале видео, узбек то тут причём..))

ValenNitto says:

So fuckin clean

ThePhantomity says:

God I cannot get over this car. No matter how many times I see it

nick muse says:

So rice

Chris K Anderson Photography says:

Custom Forgiato DIECI-M 1-Piece Concave

Dannnny240 says:

toyota owns lexus homie, so basically it is.

jonathan arce says:

Those rims! Someone please tell me what kind and brad those are!

Edo Dia says:

Toyota is the same Lexus but different design and price style and level

lts2525 says:

Sick tune

Erick Paredes says:

at first im like whats with the light show in the back ground but then my
mind changed #love it nice job

boogie santos says:

i would love to see more of this style in cali


Muramasa Baltic fade

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