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https://www.facebook.com/ChrisPetruccioPhotography http://www.stancenation.com/ Up at 5:30am and sleep at 12am, its beginning to become normal for me. Wekfes…

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Nagy Szilard says:

These are stupid. Lowering the car for show is lame.


spring needs to hurry the fuck up

Taylor kirk says:

someone tell me what car is at 1:01

MrBoyRc says:

What state you do the meet on

iNinjaa Elitez says:

What wheels are the ones at 1:02? 

Ryan Bird says:

1:07 dats a nice ass subaru!

Israel B says:

Lookup Japanese vip car. Now them aee stanced 

Aaron Davis says:

Lots of dope rides, that WRX at 5:47 is LEGIT! Some people get a little
carried away with the camber though!

Brady Batease says:


Andrew May says:

camber kits r so stupid

MoSkunk Jr. says:

i really just want to know what all these modified car owners do as
careers? I’m at a point in life right now where i should go to college yet
don’t want to but also want to get into a good career field … I’m 18
years old right now, i stay out of trouble I’m a hard worker and i have a
built wrx bigeye i made and saved up for along with an undieing love for
cars… i real am just lost and have no idea what i want to do in life
after i graduate high school this june and its just really crummy and
depressing man

Nick | Hazvrd says:

What is the appeal of the bent-wheel look? It looks stupid.

Bearded Einstein says:

stancing ruins cars

Jake Chalk says:

Is this song on iTunes ? 

TheMasongtre says:

At 2:10 what color paint is that brz?

AllMightyPijun says:

0:22 I see this fucking BMW because it is literally next to my school. It
sounds like sex to my ears. Im not sure this dude knows his beemer is up

Jeremy Jones says:

A good way to ruin performance cars.

Isaac Tennant says:

sick edit! 

andre medeiros says:

amazing video dude …….

IsoHD says:

Idk how the fuck I missed this, I live in fucking edison

TheDopeBoy909 says:

Who’s the model at 1:53 ? 

bob909090909090 says:

maaaan i just commented on another video of yours broooooo shoot me you
playlist!!! i need that.. oh and great vids yo loving the stances so low to
the grown! cant wait to get my crown victoria going lol!

trimode11 says:

Hi, cool video.
The girl at 5.26 really cute !!!

Xavier Dover says:

Published on my birthday.!:)

marinus nortje says:

2:23 What wheels?????

shawn lansdale says:

4:59 ryan teurck! :D

Enuar Beni Nativo says:

i love cars

Dalton Jackson says:

Follow @beastcoastcars on insta

Youri van orsouw says:

@nathanael perry toyota supra,

boonitae says:

Carousel Lets go home – Sound Remedy

Nick Heard says:

that pink digital camo Subaru though….

Henningfest says:

I have lately grown a massive fascination with the stance scene in spite of
not having a driver’s license, and that is why I watch these videos and
write comments about how i admire it. I don’t understand curling, I think
it’s weird to make cleaning a sport, also I do not like eating
competitions, but i dont search those subjects on youtube and write
comments describing my disregard for said subjects even though I am
entitled to do so. Maybe y’all feeling negative towards the art that is
extreme car lowering should go watch videos where the cars aren’t lowered
to a point that makes you uncomfortable, instead try searching “regular
car” or “Monster Truck”. 

Dennis Barriera says:


Javier Acosta says:

1:53 to 1:58 so freakin’ sexy. Best part of the vid hahhahaha

David Fernandes says:

uff who’s that model with the teddy bear? <3

Itzel Ruiz says:

great video

andysonline says:

what’s the name of the song

turan yeşilkanat says:


alex keloglou says:

Very nice 

Nemanja Milanovic says:

01:51 mmmm :D

xXdannymesXx says:

what lens???

CA1zombieKiller says:

aweszom magz and all /dum how they lowered the fk outa em

HellaFlushBoii says:

Dammm they all beautiful, clean, and sexy fuck I wish I was there 

nathanael perry says:

what kind of car 1:40

Jae-Min Yoon says:

twreck? 4:30

RB26DETTGalant says:

This is what we live for!

cccows says:

car at 4:09?


what wheels at 4:57?

Dennis Barriera says:


Nemanja Milanovic says:

01:51 mmmm :D

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