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This is Nik’s kouki S14 Nissan 240sx. See below for the link to the full StanceNation feature, including photos. Feature: http://www.stancenation.com/2013/12…


Sugg Films says:

I appreciate every subscriber and read every comment! Thanks for watching! 

Griste says:

Does this have a KA in it? If so, is the stock power capable of breaking
traction, or would it just be better to invest in an SR?

Casey Hardman says:

What camera, lens, and steadicam did you use?

Dominik Kulich says:

Oh yes.. “Sugg Films just uploaded a new video!”
I knew i will be happy for subscribing you + getting email notifications
when u upload a video, cause there is no better creator <3
Being shared on http://bit.ly/S14Lovers ^^

30GB says:

Looks nice and can drift unlike most other

Zach Pierce says:

Aye its Team Drift!!

Adam Griffin says:

This thing performs because you know how to build properly! No slam!Ed
trendy illest low crap. Your suspension list says it all…..Functioning!

Hideaki ArLOk says:

thanks for the video man!

Its Jordan says:

perfect stance not too much camber love it just not the alloys but that is
personal preference 

UHPdriver says:

My 240 will never be this clean…and I’m ok with that. Great video. 

Jp Custodio says:

What really surprised me was that he can drift in it.. this bitch is clean

Cody Alamodie says:

I’m a Subaru man and always will be.. but this shit is toooooo clean!

Barosz says:

Fckin nice s14 I love this car<3

Francisco Mejias says:

what rims are??? :(

jojo1997ization says:

Where is this at?

VoidL7 says:

What a creation!! Amazing car and amazing video! Edit was superb!! I need
more of these!! Please Man!!

Brian Lovall says:

Awesome video, keep it up!!! Curious as to what the suspension setup is

PajaritoBoomBoom says:

Beautiful car! Had me stunned haha, fantastic job on the editing btw, hope
to see more soon!

schassis says:

driving in flip flops….dare devil.

Smilburt says:

Awesome Car, Awesome tune.. ;)

Ford Nismo says:

thats a nice car…can i have it

Dub says:


Gravecb Seven says:

One of the nicest S14 I’ve seen so far on YouTube I can’t wait till I get a
98 S14 I’ll be getting a drift kit and swapping the motor of course then
lowering it I’ll have to buy a usdm S14 from the states because these cars
weren’t available to Canada back in the 90’s 

ThisNamesNowTaken says:

the fender flares are a bit too much, especially the rear ones.

alex gerling says:

looks awesome and your drifting in it so thumbs up 

TheS1PikesPeak says:

The Car is Art and the Movie to.
Great work, many thought´s made ​​about the best implementation.
Keep it up.
Just one thing is bad: The Brakes.

Rick S says:

loved the car for the form, but I also loved the vid because you could not
only hear the car but see it drifting.

Игорь Лебедев says:

nice kouki!!!!!!!!!!

Mart HellsGamerz says:


dsmiggs says:

Oh my goodness, I think I just had an accident. :s

jaguarsilikon says:

This is the one that was blue? Sick s14. Super clean!

Jose Vazquez says:

That shitt clean AF thoe

Slevinn says:

Very nice !!!!! the other s14 in the video ??

Dylan Preston says:

Awesome car

Foorious says:

This is sooooo hot !

Nathan Guzman says:

Will I get pulled over if I have a decal like that on my windshield in
California? ?

Clayton VanDam says:

Those are my favorite wheels to see on an S14

creativemotions says:

What steadicam you’re using brah? Sick footage

illestFlavor says:

I may just have to purchase a S14 myself because of this. Really nice job
on the video.

Kevin Norman Jr. says:

Nice edit bro

ballsuckmy diaz says:

Amazing car how much can you get a used one in the U.S ?

chadjdm121 says:

I kno he flared the fenders but what kit does he have 

motoman194 says:

maybe best edited car videos ;)!

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