BIG TURBO FD RX7 [ENTICED MOTORSPORTS] featured by Super Street Magazine

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Rachard Johnson: Creative Director / DP – C.E.O

Sunday Funday as they say… We took the RX7 out to play with hops in making a feature video for the shop build..unfortunately some of the footage didn’t come out as expected so I’m just dropping the raw since we have plans to shoot again and this time at night since its a beautiful bright yellow, it’ll look amazing at night…

Gear Used
Canon c100 Mark II –
Canon 16-35mm L III –
Movi M10 Gimbal –
DJI Ronin M –
SmallHD Focus (monitor) –
SANDISK 64gb Memory Card –

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谢昌东 says:


coreysmithsvt says:

super street says its bridge ported, but it doesn't really sound like it in the video. maybe the audio isn't that good.

Navi says:

let me drive… cause that driver sucks

JDM says:

Man you’re filming production is so clean, it feels like I’m there


I found my porn for today

Nathan Elcoate says:

Dude needs to learn how to drive. Cheque book can't buy talent.

Jonny Fresco says:

Sketchy driving

Stevennash Gallardo says:

It's like the fd in intial d bruh!

Humbly Driven Media says:

My dream is to film one as well as own one some day.

Tr Vlogs Car Life says:

He drives like a nut. But it's ok.

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