Brianna Romero – Super Street Magazine – import model

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Brianna Romero – you might’ve seen her at Cafe Lu, now you can see her here at Super Street!

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CCCHR427 says:

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Michael Charles says:

the most friendliest girl in cafe lu 🙂

siiidewayz says:

Cafe Lu is on Orange County, Southern California..

La Belle Barbe says:

Not bad..

NePdXploit says:

P town bred! She’s in love with me! Seriously

pornoonsteroids says:

IDK what she is talking about hanging out with customers. I have been there
a few times and not once has any waitress ever spoken to me besides taking
my order.

Ge0vone says:

Wait, she’s from oregon….wtf?!?! Stalking her as we speak

714JDM says:

Cafe Lu ftw XD

DJAYR2 says:

Someone disliked you Brianna, could it be one of your female stalkers????
What a shame can’t be happy for the girl. But I am, “You go Girl!!!”

Ge0vone says:

Yea, she’s pretty attractive. Solid b cup

CBkid7 says:

Where the hell is Cafe Lu!!! i NEED to see her.

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