FF Battle 9 Presented by Continental Tire – Tuner Battle Week 2017 Ep. 2

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Super Street Magazine’s 9th annual front-engine, front-wheel drive battle royal is back! Separated into street and race classes, this time attack format classic brings out the stiffest competition and the lap times continue to drop.

Catch every episode of Tuner Battle Week 2017 on the Motor Trend Channel December 25th through December 29th with a new video premiering each day!

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Fuzion180 says:

That FK8 looks bad ass!

Pelleministeri says:

I love the cars but these videos suck! I just want to see some actual track footage.

Martin Atzinov says:

I thought there would be racing in this video…

SI RICKO says:

Damn that crx is beautiful omfg

Adrian Muller says:

Prison item deal wing provide perfectly obligation field.

Mark Borkowski says:

Would like to have heard more about the Abarth instead of the fucking sandwiches served over lunch.

Ian Murphy says:

Can you guys PLEASE post the model of the car in the standings at the end…I also agree that there needs to be some racing footage.

Driven Channel says:

Hmmm an FF battle with no VW GTIs? Seems fishy.

Bennett Mathias says:

At least there's a Fiat and a Ford in here…

Bennett Mathias says:

Just call it the Civic Battle.

Fernando da Silva says:

I hope next time the video will present more action, less talk and hopefully more car diversity.

Gasosphere says:

Did Streets get repaved recently? Looks less shitty in the video than usual..

Vincent Radziecki says:

Abarth in the house!

NytZor says:

Motortrend, you're going down a dark path. This series is seriously bad. Seriously.

Paddy McQueen says:

really nice event! this is what motorsport is all about! it will be interesting to fly there and see how my Clio performs.

william f says:

any thoughts on actual racing footage or just a montage of entrants

PiffPaladin says:

Hey Motor Trend! There are more tuners out there than just Honda. Fuck

The J Media says:

One day I'll take my EK Civic to a track day and hopefully FF battle!


Love those FRONT WHEEL DRIVE cars

Aidan Fay says:

Wow… I just looove all the talking… It's just so great… Not like I want to see any track action or lap times or anything…

Drew says:

more of this trash? really motor trend really. i thought you where better then this.

One mans plan says:

That sucked, I thought I was going to see some real racing, not a bunch of yapping about their little cars, Thumbs down

Eternity says:

gtx2867r is not a "big" turbo.

Some 90s Sports Car That My Neighbors Hate says:

damn those EG Civics,there so beautiful

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