Road to Wekfest Seattle 2017 | Super Street

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Samuel Du | Carlos Uriostegui

After five years of campaigning our supercharged, Rocket Bunny-kitted Scion FR-S to SEMA and other California car shows, editor-in-chief Sam Du and videographer Carlos Uriostegui take a our project “Ratchet Bunny” on an 1,100+mile road trip to the first-ever Wekfest Seattle car show.

Special thanks to Continental Tire –

Wekfest Seattle 2017
CenturyLink Field Event Center
Sunday, July 9th, 2017

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Jorge Oliba says:

lindo auto y muy buenos paisajes.

Mr Ducktective says:

Instead take chritisan helicopter

SerenityNow says:

awesome video!

Poop Bug says:

What’s the song at the end??

Brandon M. says:

O so lovely and those nsx's and that girl in the prelude =]

LevKicks says:

soooooo clean!!!! i wish i went to but i had work!!!!! 🙁 always wannted to see your car man aha
next time hah

Splash Broda3 says:

I can't wait when I am able to drive

Ken Au says:

NICE! Song Playlist??

H23 beltran says:

did u have to do couple of oil change or no??

Tr Vlogs says:

Sexy things!

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