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HydroBandit says:

Intro music: Question-Osanha

Gabriel Souza says:

I seemed intrigued, then I saw one bit saying – Team 6.

My friend, all hopes and dreams for this game have totaled. Destroyed. Desintegrated.

I'll pay no mind to it so, oh well.

Not Royal Skyline says:

2:40 “horizon 4 coming later this year” lmfao

Shravan Panchwadkar says:

And posted it…

Shravan Panchwadkar says:

Blackpanthaa broke your autolog speedrun with a skyline.

chaza 160800 says:

I hope this game isn't digital download only

t top says:

The cover is a body kit

Reypure207 DR says:

This guy is a idiot 2015 was no way underground 3 it didn't have dyno tuning

ras 47 says:

Should get some help from forza

Rosen Velikov says:

the car on the cover looks like the upcomming moddified supra

Itz Ya Boi Darwin says:

Never heard of the magazine.
Hyped for the game tho!

I Drive A Ducati says:

I Need Horizon 4

AmericT says:

ur sooooooooooooo late boi

Kealan Walker-Henriques says:

What month is the release


Ernesto Lone Wolf says:

The crew 2…


Neeeed licensed cars tho

JustDaz says:

Need a street racing syndicate sequel & the true return of TXR

Ivan Radchenko says:

Dude, you need to pay more attention. Promoting an upcoming game by Team 6 studio? I'm shocked that you haven't heard about the shittiest racing game developer in history. They've been around for 16 years, ffs.

Keegan Gossett says:

If it doesn’t have licensed cars, I won’t even consider the game. Super Street is a CAR MAGAZINE! They should use licensed cars end of story. If the cars aren’t licensed, I honestly don’t think it will do well especially with the reputation Super Street has.

RacerBest says:

lol at people getting excited over the game without doing research about the developer

DriftinGorillaz says:

I'm drawing back off this game. Team6 made the worst FlatOut game possible already.

Jobless Gamer says:

interesting… hmmm, not liking the fact that there doesnt seem to be any licensed car brands as i hated gta 5 for that but this could lead to somewhere huge!

wulf says:

So like slrr (street legal racing redline) yay make a lets play or played boi

carlos sotelo says:

It makes us appreciate even more the games that allow us to customize cars.

VNMZ - NFS and more says:

Sounds good tbh

Kuhler Män says:

You got me excited until I read Team 6

I'm sorry but if this game isn't utter dogshit I might as well eat actual one

XD betyar says:

I'm the only one who dont want a new underground?

Christian Davis says:

Looks intresting enough if it wasn't for this video I wouldn't enough even know thanks for the video StraightUpHippo

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