Super Street – The Game Review: Super Lemon

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You’re better off sticking to reading the magazine.


SOLID117 says:

Rather have random ai movements than boring gran turismo follow the leader ai

Phil_Rock [PHLPPRCK] says:

Super Lame. The Fail.

rosse119 says:

If it's not great at the moment, although I perserveered as just spent £45 on it. The Devs are updating this each month though so excited to see what they do. Once I got used to the physics I had a good time especially the odd way to drift using the handbrake. New update is out this month and looks like the listened regarding physics and AI as it's due some big changes apparently.

Frontend Programmer says:

I want this game to do better, i loved nfsu2

PlanetSenzu says:

Excellent review. Someone stick a fork in this game. It's done.

Epic says:

This looks like my kind of game

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