Super Street Week To Wicked – Honda S2000 – Day 1 Recap

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The Honda S2000 has been unveiled as the first Super Street Week 2 Wicked build, and the team have 5 days to take this car to the next level. On day 1, the 17 year old suspension, factory bushings, and stock springs and shocks are top of the agenda. Read the full recap here:

Check out the day by day build:


Jorn Navarre says:

Muscle car guy : "So it's a 4 cylinder right ? LMAO ………nahh it's a rotary Honda Bro' lol
WHY is Mr TruckNuts involved in this build ?

Joseph Papi says:

Week is 7 days. Weak is the opposite of strong. Just saying.

steelmesh says:

So many cry babies. "Why modify a car, whaaaaa" "Why did you change something on that stock car, whaaaa", "I am an armchair fabricator who pays people to do anything beyond front brakes, whaaaa, why did you take apart the S2K?!"

Jacob Lacy says:

This makes me a little sad. I would have love to have the car completely stock.

Waseem Abbas says:

Notification on!

G6ET_WRX says:

MAJOR FAIL on the front control arm bushing. YOU LUBED THE EXTERIOR NON ROTATING OUTSIDE of the bush! What sort of hacks don’t know the basics of working with polyurethane bushes. NEVER LUBE NON PIVOT COMPONENTS. The metal internal crush bush was the only part that needed polyurethane grease which at least you got right.

Corey Cameron says:

Wats the name of the second music playing in the backround?

David ton ami says:

Shouldn't mod a stock s2000. There aren't lot of them

KissesLoveKawaii says:

ruined the good s2000

TM says:

love the song

Drey Grach says:

He says "very affordable" when that cost $20,000 today.

Mattyphatsacs says:

I hate being poor. One day I'll save up enough.

alamrisa says:

stiffer is not always better… even more so when the car is light

AutomotiveEngineered says:

and not a single torque wrench was seen..

ron334 says:

1:14 What'd you say? In 2001($35K +) wasn't very affordable.

Spam Can says:

2:50 "Heeaayy" wow, that was cringey af.

ballislife2351 says:

Can someone tell me what’s the excitement about with this car? Is it because it’s a classic or….?

tscooter22 says:

To really learn about the S2000, it you need to sit in the driver's seat, not the passenger seat. With small cars like this, it's all about the user experience, light and nimble, peppy. With a ragtop, that makes it a true sports car in my book. That said, I would have left this car stock. You are just asking for nagging issues and you are killing its value.

jkfuel says:

Poor stock S2000.


Nice S2000, I went with the Mugen Bushing and have been satisfied, would like to hear the feedback on the Energy Bushing!

doublehelix109 says:

you came up with the adjuster extension….? lmao, yup ok then sure

Nicholas Wood says:


maddog22002 says:

Step 1…. LS Swap it.

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