The Craziest Super Street Meet: Boden Autohaus

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Hundreds of cars came out for the Super Street Meet at Boden Autohaus. The turnout was insane. Then came the accelerations, burnouts and the rowdy crowd. Quite possibly the biggest fuck boy meet I’ve ever attended.

Make sure to check out the Tokyo Super Street Meet here:

My Gear:

Sony AX-53:
Circular Polarizer:
Gopro 1:
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Rohan patel says:

Wasn't that lambo a salvage tittle too? Swear to god I thought it was.

xXDeathMetalThrasherXx says:

That's fucking awesome! It lasted so long too, no cops.

Flint the cat says:

Lol even that Mercedes sounds rice!

NascarFan123 says:

4:44 is that yiannimize?

DylanG says:

Why did that dude say he couldn't do that here too the dude in the Gallardo

PyroFree says:

Why is everyone fucking going crazy about the god damn R33

Zef Space says:

This video is life

Jackson Johal says:

Dude this dude that shut the fuck up bro clearly cars ain't your thing "it's starting to smell" then get the fuck out if cars ain't your thing

bu56 says:

Dude want more subs get closer to the action tf are u doin

Fredrik says:

i'm rewatching some of your content, you have without a doubt the best car-related material on Youtube! Keep up the good work Gordon

Mike Hauser says:

Never seen so many fuck-boy snowflakes in my life with their faggot little cameras but all that less horsepower than a go-kart has homos

DriftSquid says:

Always better in the US haha.

Devon Jenifer says:

R34's can shut down ANY and ALL car meets without a doubt. #SkylineFR34K

MMG3455 Clark Mitchell says:

Cops always have to ruin the fun, like if true guys…

Theurban Robinhood says:

That crowd must smell like Axe and parental disappointment

Rehman Farhat says:

Nice commentary

Karson Ma says:

Dayum that 635 sounded good

sircampos94 says:

ill race 0:06 gtr for pinks w/ vr4

Fotomoloman says:

so much rice……

Erick Guimarães says:

6:48 The best! hahaha

Remytrova says:

Nice commentary 😀

Назар Гуляк says:

4:46 morda!!!!!!!

htx. kris says:

And at 16:56 what is that whistle sound

htx. kris says:

When it shifted

htx. kris says:

And at 8:44 what part is that to make that sound

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