World’s Greatest Drag Race! Modified Edition – Modified Ep. 7

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On this episode of Modified powered by Honda, Matt Powers and Geoff Stoneback bring you the first ever world’s greatest drag race, modified edition. Powers and Stoneback collect some of the fastest Hondas in the country for a heads-up, winner-take-all, quarter-mile drag race. With more than 4,000 combined horsepower blasting down the track, get ready for a unique racing experience, including the ultimate Project Civic giveaway!

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Chief's Lief says:

Arigato Soichiro Honda x x x

Robby Delima says:

who ever gets off the line firts win..

Floyd Frampton says:

Must have had a hard childhood if you aspired to want a Civic.

Ricky Saputra says:

Legend is back!!!!! Please get the show all honda

dbtrackz33 says:

These hosts are weeeeak.

car crazy 711 says:

omg rice rocket race lol

Sub says:

Cute! Civics!

2S1L3NT says:

None of those look "stock", and none of them are anything close to "sleeper"
Nice builds though.

DJ says:

Yes let’s not use any other car in this video just Honda’s. I’m not hating on Honda, they are great. But all of use wanna see more variation.

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