Xena Kai – Super Street magazine – import model

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Can anyone guess why we love Xena Kai? We can think of two…


Escobar Reuben says:


Tom K says:

+torontothegood I think you mean grade-DDD spectacular!ο»Ώ

torontothegood says:

her tits are just fuckin’ grade-AAA spectacular!

Dat Le says:

so much beauty!!

phillip forte says:


DZoneTV says:

A bit too enhanced.

Moncho1313ful says:


jody024 says:

I’ve seen pics of her before the boobjob and she looked much better she
over did it

Moncho1313ful says:

you are wonderful,write me my love…kissessssssssss

torontothegood says:

ok. sorry, brai … where can i see ‘before’ pix of the lovely Xena?

Ge0vone says:

Those are big ol titties

delirium1326 says:

19 year old asian with some big ass fake titties… I’m in love..

LaGantoise says:

euhm.. what? 19?

OilBaron84 says:

the guy that lent her the GT-R really was hoping for something in return

leonpacifist1988 says:

penis! I’m proud of you…

wafflepiepancake says:

I came here from JustKiddingGamers x_x

herOxD says:

Only if her boobs were real.

jody024 says:

please learn how to spell before you respond

TeranceFL says:

tf only 19? Im the same age and this bitch looks like 25

Reno Dame says:

that boob shake 1:17

galfar9 says:

Obviously she loves the Nissan GT-R every Asian loves that car well I’m
half and I like the Lancer Evo still an Asian made car but that’s my dream

Indecisive2 says:

With willpower, you can bring your eyes away from her breasts and take
notice of her face . . . Cute nose and lovely teeth, and she does have a
nice smile.

TheFooKev says:

if her boobs werent that big then she wouldnt even be at the top

Ge0vone says:

Giant titties

saavaa says:

Please start doing porn!

Thedatsunkid808 says:

if you wernt so dam beautiful yo would have never drove a GTR. how did u re
pay your “friend” for letting u drive the GTR. i know i wouldnt let any
body drive mine if i had one espicialy if you put me in the “friend zone”
and even more if you didnt know how to drive. if u had any respect for this
friend u should at least aknoledge this person at least by a nickname. your
looks is the only reason for liking this vid.

lashawnjamar says:

Well Hey Xena bless you in all the good work you do’ into think you for
hitting up my Facebook page@lashawn jamar/Facebook well I’m Single
black/Thai at 5’9 mb br’eyes in business music the bass n’ Professional
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brothers Johnson Hit’s n’hit up my Cel#1-253)282-9723 Love’ fr Jamar

d3lan011 says:

Okay. I admit it….I’m thirsty. I hope she can breastfeed me.

OilBaron84 says:

you can’t tell? they aren’t real.

lashawnjamar says:

Well Hi Xena Kai bless you my asian new honey! Love’ all your’new Photos
into your on my Facebook page lashawn jamar Single black 3’4Thai n’ I’m in
business music bass player and Professional Football well hit back my
Cel#Honey 1-253)282-9723 bless Us’ Jamar

glocsta707 says:

I agree 100%. Girls like this need to understand that their so called
“male” or “guy” friends do not exist for them.The only reason a guy would
act like he is her friend is to stick around long enough and hopefully 1
day it could turn into something else but those idiots do not realize that
these hoes are only out to use people for whatever can be got.Their weapon
of course in this game is their looks.This 1 got to drive a GTR and openly
admitted to not even being a able to drive.

zecktegap says:

Xena is hottest asian babes..marry me miss kai..

Eric S says:

I hope she goes larger later! πŸ™‚

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