Best Intake Manifold upgrade for 5.7L Hemi is not the 6.1L Hemi intake manifold or edelbrock intake manifold! Greene Racing spoke to me about getting the 6.4L Hemi intake manifold & putting it on your 5.7L Hemi. R/T Life Store L3V3LS – Magic [XimerTracks]
The 5.7L Hemi is a great engine, but out of factory it needs help. They bottle it up & don’t tune it for performance. In this I talk about the most impactful mod done so far to the 345 5.7L hemi & how it effected my measurable performance. Let me know what you think of my thoughts on the best mod for the 5.7L Hemi. You will find these Hemi engines in Ram 1500, Jeeps, Durangos, Chargers & Challengers. Could the mod be a supercharger, cam, throtttlebody, headers, air intake, exhaust etc. Every Mod Performance 0-60 testing Song: [More]
392 6.4L Hemi Intake Manifold, Air Intake on 5.7L hemi installed. If you would like a 392 6.4L hemi intake with active runners on your 5.7L Hemi RT check out this video! Steve Install – South NJ @seggert6585 Shocka252 on Beats
Don’t buy the 5.7L Hemi! Here are a couple of things to expect if you want to get a Charger or challenger 5.7L Hemi Daytona, T/A or R/T. This is somethings you can expect if you decide to become part of the 5.7L Hemi club! ///// MOPAR YOUTUBE TAKEOVER CREW ///// // Make sure to check out the Content Creators below for more Mopar content. // Growls Garage // Tunnel Chaser // Family Cruisin // DFW Speed // SRTMUSH // Chicago Mopar // MDG Collections // Mod FX Break by KV [More]
Do not buy a hemi unless you do the following.
In this video we discuss if the 5.7L HEMI engine is a good engine and how long does it last? We review several examples of high mileage 5.7L engine vehicles that I have owned and how many miles they have lasted. All vehicles are still operating fully and these are very reliable engines. The engines discussed were found in Dodge RAM TRUCK 1500 models over the various years and generations. Any questions feel free to ask in the comments and I will do my best to answer them!
– If you want your video to be published on our channel, send me an email on: Author: Before and After American Thunder Exhaust – Dodge RAM 5.7L Hemi: PURE SOUND 5.7L Dodge RAM 1500 straight pipe cutout valve_2: Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi Super 10 Custom Exhaust_2: 2011 Hemi Ram Straight Pipe: 2015 Dodge ram 1500 Muffler delete: 2011 DODGE RAM TOP SPEED RUN! 130 mph: 2014 Ram Express Top Speed on Dyno: DODGE RAM 5.7 HEMI magnum ,exhaust GIBSON, 2003: Dodge 1500 5.7 hemi mudding: RAM 1500 6 inch [More]
Please Subscribe to Our Channel —————————————————– 1963 Dodge Dart GT Hardtop 5.7L Hemi Build Project Engine: Replacing the original Slant Six is a ’05-vintage 5.7L Hemi crate engine, with once-exotic (now regular-production) stuff like two-plug aluminum heads, roller camshaft and electronic fuel injection, plus a Hotwire harness and ECU. Jeep SRT8 exhaust manifolds combine with Hushpower mufflers in a Hemi-capable dual exhaust system. Transmission: A 545RFE overdrive automatic from an ’05 RAM pickup, with a Trans-Go shift kit and a console-mounted Hurst shifter. Rear: Currie built the rearend with 31-spline axles, Detroit Tru-Trac differential, and 3.50 gears. Suspension: (Front) Replacing [More]
Which truck has the replacment for displacement? This was one of our closest races! In this episode we match up the Ram 1500 5.7L HEMI vs. the Toyota Tundra 5.7L! Who will win this 5.7L showdown? Watch to find out! Thanks for watching! See our entire inventory of lifted, custom, and upfitted Jeeps, trucks, and performance vehicles at Check out our entire inventory across all 14 dealerships at LIKE us on Facebook! Incoming search terms:5 7 vs 5 7 drag race
Oil change procedure for RAM 1500 with the HEMI 5.7L V8. Oil used- Pennzoil Platinum 5w20 full synthetic (7 qts) Oil Filter used- Bosch Distance Plus
2018 Ram 1500 with 5.7L Hemi Truck FCA held the annual What’s New product display for 2018 models at the Chelsea Proving Grounds Chelsea, MI, for invited journalists to drive the product. 06.27.17 Sponsored by Detailed video walkarounds and walkthroughs of most sought after new cars, trucks, SUV’s, crossovers, Vans, Minivans w/ detailed walkarounds of special models. ___ #AutoNetwork _ Subscribe to our channel now for more videos. ___ G+ Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
A 2010 Dodge Charger with the 5.7L Hemi engine, Had a misfire and a knocking noise under higher rev. Lifter and Camshaft are bad, also we take a closer look at the timing setup on this engine. Incoming search terms:how to detect 5 7 hemi lifter failure2015 dodge charger rt 5 7 hemi engine noise
Here is why people buy the 5.7L Hemi over the 6.4L Hemi. We all want more horsepower but not all of us want to spend the extra $300/ Month for 90 more HP! View this video featuring the BBK Performance Power Plus Series 1781 – Throttle Body Assembly product and shop other similar products on OReilly Auto Parts. – Products featured in the video: 1 BBK Performance Power Plus Series 1781 – Throttle Body Assembly 2 BBK Performance Power Plus Series 1782 – Throttle Body Assembly 3 BBK Performance 1738 – Air Intake Kit 4 BBK Performance Black Out Series 17385 – Air Intake Kit
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