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Its a beautiful day in Deltona FL and me and fellow gear head Fredo decided to do some spirited driving on some local back roads for fun! Both cars are powered by a b16a GGM// music: MrSuicideSheep “Snow Dayy – The Tunnel (Said The Sky Remix)”
95 civic hatch with a b16a swap, complete stock rebuild, only after market parts is the blox intake manifold and blox 68mm throttle body, slammed on kyb shocks, and skunk2 adjustable coilovers, BSA racing wheels. As of now I have ricey tail lights and headlights my oem ones should be here in a few days, I also need to replace the iacv if you couldn’t tell lol
Stock internal,skunk2 intake manifold & throtle body, aem fuel rail & fuel regulator ,dc sport headers ,custom exhaust 2.5 “, magnaflow muffler,220 piston compression,tuned on crome with a p28
Рады представить вам первый выпуск от проекта “ЧГД”, о потрясающем экспонате Хонды Сивик, с движком от лаборатории SPOON. ———————————– Тачка едет очень достойно, ну ещё бы, ведь под капотом VTEC на злых валах, с отсечкой аж до 9500 RPM. Казалось бы обычный шеснарь объёмом 1.6 литра, но время драга говорит нам, что это достаточно серьёзный оппонент в споре до светофора. =) ———————————– Так как владелец уже замерил данный тректул на драге, показав нехилые 13.5 секунд, мы не мешкая запустили эту зажигалку на тайм-аттак. И замерили с телеметрией. ———————————– P. S. Приносим свои извинения за малое количество матчасти во время заездов, [More]
WEPR Custom GT35 top mount kit fitted on to a fully built B16. Tune by Platinum Auto.
Huy Tran making some shakedown passes in his rex at HRP
my cousins b16a integra……pod filter, cold air intake,aftermarket headers. and full exhaust
B16a dynoed at FORCE FED IN LAS VEGAS. First gen b16a in ef chassis Mods intake (home made velocity stack) rs*r open header gsr cams 18* timing In 3 pulls car made 149.33WHP and 106.85 torque This is to the wheels. Car made 137HP and 100Torque with exhaust on and air filter. So this proves open header does make power, in my car 12WHP and 6 torque. Soon to be convert to obd1 and get a chipped p28 and tune. Car is currently obdo virgin pr3.
Honda Civic EG 1.6 DOHC VTEC B16A JDM 0-140
GGM Life ” It’s not a LIFESTYLE it’s our REALITY” This vid is an example of us doing our day to day thing, similar things like “KANJO” which in my eyes is a lifestyle but in reality we do our own style of point to point “HIGHWAY RUNS”. Billy from Ocala came to hang with us and do some autox, unfortunately it got rained out. But this didn’t stop us from doing what we do, we went to the other side of town where they’s no rain and chilled at Sonic’s talking cars and eating. To get our fix before [More]
quick 2nd through 4 gear pull, 35ish to 120mph bone stock b16 8psi tuned at do it dyno
a friend didnt have much free time to do work so he had me swap out his B20 for a b16 to temporary have his car running while he build his B20 bottom to mate with his build b16 head as far as an NA setup! Bernie @el_prieto408 MEDIA – твой любимый тюнинг магазин Подпишись: No Limit – наша компания No Limit Racing Team – наша автоспортивная команда No Limit Garage – наше СТО #nlmt #nolimit #nolimitcomua #nolimitracingteam #nolimitgarage Друзья если Вам нравятся наш контент, то пожалуйста не забудьте поставить ЛАЙК и подписаться на наш канал – количество зрителей стимулирует на выпуск серий!