B16A Civic EF Road Racing | Road Atlanta GridLife 2016 Thank you for watching our video! If you want to see more, Please click here to subscribe: https://goo.gl/SsQExu 91 Honda Civic B16a Ys1 4.7 final mfactory plate diff. 205/50/15 Hoosier R6 2.5 inch exhaust. PIC select coilovers Full cage Driver mod Follow this car on IG: https://www.instagram.com/oheymikey/ Don’t forget if you liked this video to give it a “Thumbs up” and share with your friends. -Instagram: http://instagram.com/4BangersProduction -Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/4Bangersproduction -Twitter: https://twitter.com/4BangersProd Incoming search terms:8N1Ysimilarwrt
NZ Company vehicle magazine takes a look at the 2016 Honda Civic RS Turbo​ – and says Honda has completely shaken up the recipe for the Civic with the all-new 10th generation model.
EJ6 Honda Civic B16A SIR2 (Budget trackday spec.) English subtitles are available in YouTube player settings. Субтитры на русском доступны в настройках “Youtube” проигрывателя. Music: Midranger – Nostalgia https://soundcloud.com/midrangermusic https://www.facebook.com/MidrangerMusic/ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa6cRl2DFncXjUrNV0-PnUre2ku1dCzIJ LT: Šį kartą filmuojame ir kalbiname Karolį Vaidilą, a.k.a. JDM’ą, a.k.a. nuo breiko laikų… Karolis papasakos mums, savo garsiosios žoliapjovės istorija, duos patarimų kaip pasidaryti biudžetinį racecar’ą, kur verta sutaupyti o kur skrudžint nevertėtų. Open season for Car Hunter! Linksma, nuotaikinga ir net šiek tiek informatyvi laida apie automobilius. Kalbiname jų savininkus ir susipažistame su automobiliais iš arčiau. Jei patiko spauskit LIKE ir SUBSCRIBE 🙂 Komentuokit, mums įdomi jūsų [More]
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only reving to 7500rpm…..imw tuned hondata flashpro k24a from 08 accord type s jdm engine.
Dropping Skunk 2 Stage 1 camshafts into the recently swapped B16A EJ6 civic hatch.
Blaa bla blaaahhh cuz no one reads the description! Well being that a few peeps already missing the description let me put something up!!! SORRY for the lack of walking around footage talking about the car, one of my Gopros was acting up so that footage an some other driving footage are missing. I didn’t notice till it was time to edit so couldn’t re-shoot! This is the homie FRANKY’S @masterfranky EG hatch powered by a stock b16a with a few bolt ons, he daily this thing an race it. He came by to check out some parts an as [More]
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test drive road “la plaine” n°2 civic ee9 SI-R / ef9 b18c6 integra type r motor 2.l 265hp at flywhel.stock itr gear box 4.785 with torsen 95 MM CRANK 82 CP PISTONS port and polish head (b18c5) by billvtec edelbrock Victor x intake manifold ferrea competition plus valvetrain bronze valve guide odb0 ecu with basic chip mugen style arp bolt tilton 2 disc flywheel clutch. chassis: toyo tyres 215/40/17 (for road) bc racing er coilovers fonction 7 rear lower control arms front and rear sway bars progress integra brakes sparco roll cage energy suspension kit and spherical bearing hasport axles [More]