cb3 Thailand H22A Manual เบนซิล95 ท่อเดิมๆโรงงาน กรองอากาศโรงงาน สับไม่ทันที่เกียร์1 กล่องตัดเลย
JDM H22A with bolt-ons,stock compression and cams
Stock motor with bolt ons and 3″ exhaust.
Stock H22a automatic 93 CB7 Accord
(1of8) Taking the head off a JDM H22a to replace the head gasket and bent valves in a civic hatchback.
Hey prelude fam! Haven’t posted an interior video in a long time. Last year Jonny and I took the prelude for a cruise. For anyone who is going to ask I run….. – custom made header (4-2-1) – 3 inch straight pipe (stainless steel, mandrel bent) – no resonators or cat – vibrant oval tip 3 inch muffler Car is a base model 1999 prelude with a JDM euroR swap tuned on Hondata. Notable mods are…. custom-made intake, stock internals, lightweight pulleys, 70 mm Skunk2 throttle body, Ksport coilovers, UltraRacing chassis brace and more… Drop a comment if you have [More]
Subscribe & help me reach 10,000 Subs – https://goo.gl/zX5JPM After a long hiatus, I want to announce that the Prelude is BACK! This video is a teaser video of what’s to come. I will be building my BB6 5th gen Honda Prelude into a race car!. Enjoy the H22A singing it’s VTEC song through the RSR Exhaust. List of Things I use often – https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-6ff4ea77 To send cool stuff – PO Box 40, Portland, PA 18351 For #GatoSquad stickers – Paypal me @ realflyingato@gmail.com ($2 for US, $3 for international) Email me at realflyingato@gmail.com Follow me on Instagram @FlyinGato Follow [More]
stock h22a with bolt ons gets dyno tuned
20 to 80. all stock, 2 people, and winter tires. for my friend prettylittlelude haha
Prelude Stock H22A JDM 0-100km/h
2016 3rd Annual Nissan Southwest Winter Desert Meet Honda Eg Hatch with H22a swap Mods: 2.25 inch exhaust with vibrant muffler intake base map tune Dyno numbers 194 WHP 151 wtq Keep in mind this is on a mustang dyno and numbers will read low. For those who didn’t make it! I hope to see you there next year!! check out my newly added store!! http://pfbproducts.bigcartel.com/ Ram Air Headlight Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Ramairheadlights
Hi guys This is my friend’s CRX with H22 engine I did some runs on it it,s built for drag race using