Built H22A SC61 Turbo Accord. Made 443 whp 367 ft lb of torque at 19 lbs on pump gas. It’s my friends car I just installed the motor and turbo kit for him.
1994 Accord SiR H22A+GTX3576R Turbo 641ps 2012年 7月16日 アコード CD6 パワーチェック ダイナパック Special Thanks:A-Spec enterprise
Замеры мощности авто и настройка на диностенде проводится в автосервисе “StendUp” г. Хабаровск ул.Карла Маркса 144, так же можно обратиться по тел. 7(4212)20-90-70, 89147705240.
Stock air filter and muffler, only driver inside. Engine code H22A 200hp.
Help me reach 10,000 Subs – http://tiny.cc/SubscribetoFlyinGato List of Things I use often – https://goo.gl/odyotu Fast Forward to 4:00 for the engine fixing part Fast Forward to 11:06 for the test drive Since I’ve been losing sleep lately on trying to get my race car ready for the hillclimb race season, I buckle down and start the repairs on my 1997 Honda Prelude BB6. Enjoy the Video! List of Things I use often – https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-6ff4ea77 To send cool stuff – PO Box 40, Portland, PA 18351 For #GatoSquad stickers – Paypal me @ realflyingato@gmail.com ($2 for US, $3 for international) [More]
Thanks for watching, don’t be afraid to ask me any of your concerns i will be open to all questions! STEP-BY-STEP 1. Drain all fluids (coolant, engine oil, tranny oil, freon, etc) 2. Remove battery 3. Axles on both sides – makes it easier (more clearance) to get the intake manifold off when you get to the bottom bolts 4. Power steering, alternator, Ac compressor 5. radiator 6. intake manifold, fuel rail, injectors 7. shift linkage (2) connected to tranny 8. should have all clearance to unplug the whole harness 9. double check for any possible hoses connected to the [More]
Finished up the car with new brake booster and DIY flared brake hard line. We checked all suspension nuts and bolts and rechecked everything in the engine bay before heading out. This is just a small little teaser video, filmed near the Pasadena Art Center/College in Los Angeles,CA.
HONDA H22A VTEC OH 本田技研工業 H22A VTECエンジンオーバーホール クローズドデッキ
Две хонды врываются в автоспорт… 402 метра, кольцо, итоги, последствия… Все персонажи вымышленны – совпадения случайны) Не забываем подписываться, каждый найдет, что-то интересное только тут www.youtube.com/c/JDMachines Приятного просмотра! #JDMachines Наша группа в ВК: https://vk.com/jdmachinesgroup #Honda #VTEC #Dragrace
This is only the beginning! Getting the jdm H22a was a goal of mine and I achieved it. I plan on rebuilding this engine then turboing it down the road.
Honda Civic EG3 MODEL: Honda Civic EG3 College oryginalny kolor NH-538 Frost White ROK PRODUKCJI: 1995r SILNIK: seria D13B2 moc 75KM Obecnie: H22A JDM – wałki + sprężynki z H22A7 (Accord Type R) – koło zamachowe odelżone u Otoczaka UKŁAD DOLOTOWY: – kolektor custom: * rozwiercony pod przepustnicę * 2 przekładki * usunięte IAB * uszczelki teflonowe (termiczne) – przepustnica Holley 70mm – dolot Simota (parówa) – stożek Fujita UKŁAD WYDECHOWY: – kolektor wydechowy z wyjściem na 2,5cala – tłumik środkowy przelotowy – tłumik końcowy przelotowy oem look Proex – rury 2,5cala ELEKTRONIKA: – OBD1 – komputer P28 – strojenie [More]
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This was my first time taking my car to the Famoso Drag strip in Bakersfield, California. I managed to run a 14.9 at 96 mph. Stock H22A 3″ AEM short ram hybrid intake 2.25″ crush bent exhaust 2.25″ vibrant streetpower muffler 195/50/15 street tires