The engine’s reciprocating assemblies, cylinder head internals and valve-train components were all assembled and built by me in the basement and garage. This engine build project started November 2014, but the actual assembly only took me 3 weeks from the start of engine assembly to completion. It was finished being built on April 5th, 2015. Engine is a B18C block bored out to 82mm bore with GSR cylinder head. It has Buddy Clud Spec 3 camshafts and cam gears, Skunk2 lower control arms, front struct bar, Injen intake manifold, Skunk2 Pro Series intake manifold, ACL Race bearings (main+thrust and rod [More]
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Just a quick video of my CRX to show what the Tanabe Medalion exhaust system sounds like. The car has a JDM B18C1 with stock exhaust manifold and cat back (no cat) Tanabe Medalion exhaust system.
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Decided I needed to break the silence with the prelude. This is the 1st video of many prelude related videos to come! Just going over parts of my project very generally. I hope to make future uploads going into greater details and highlighting specific aspects and progress. I got a lot planned and I have so much to say about my build and others. Stay tuned for more lude vids! Leave questions in comments, I will try to answer them all. Save 15% OFF at ULTRA RACING PROMO CODE: ALLYBB6 **not limited to the prelude chassis** SUBSCRIBE! NEW UPLOADS [More]
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1.9L, 54psi, 1200hp+ and a Honda B18C, this is what it takes to hit 208mph in an Integra at Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack. Starting with a 100% stock B18C1, Myles Kerr of English Racing’s ‘Gringotegra’ has had more than a slight tickle to get it to this level of performance including Wiseco pistons, steel CP Carrillo rods, Golden Eagle block sleeves with a 84.5mm bore bringing the capacity to 1.956L. The B18C1 also has ACL main/rod bearings, 4Piston Front Runner CNC head, GSC Power-Division retainers, valve springs and cams. The car runs approx 54psi in 5th gear from a Precision [More]
When Honda fans talk about “Golden Era Hondas” this is the car they are talking about. Come along as I learn why this Integra Type R powertrain swapped EG Honda Civic hatchback is the “best of” for the Honda brand. With a screaming B18C engine this Civic hatch is one of the best FWD cars I have ever driven.
dragrace @ clrak raceway with my teammate.
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This is my 2000 Honda Civic SiR with swapped JDM B16a with new XTR stg2 Cltuch and 9.75lb Lightweight flywheel installed. small pull 0-160
A quick amateur video of my Honda. Specs are: 1996 Honda EK4 SIR (JDM) Stock B16A Camera used: Nikon D5600 Dslr I dont own the music in this video please give credit to NCS (No copyright sounds & Alan walker. Alan Walker
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Honda City Modified to Lamborgini : The Lamborgini Project 2017 Hellow Friends This is a Project Of lamborgini In which The hondacity is going to Convert In a Lamborgini Replica. . If you have any Queries Regarding this Project or you also want to modify your own car in to a lamborgini replica comment Below.. : ) I hope you like this video. Like this video Share this video And SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL THANK YOU SONG CREDIT : Licence: You’re free to use this song in any of your videos, but you must include the following in your video description [More]